Independent.  Objective.  Experienced.

I'm a practical, innovative thinker with twenty years of public service...with a career background in military, corporate, small business start-up, and higher education environments.  I'm the kind of well-rounded and objective person I'd like to see on City Council, and that's why I'm running for the At Large seat.   

I hope to earn your vote December 5th!

Most Recent Blogposts

Accurate Campaign Finance Totals
(12/04/17) Today, the Courier released its information about funding for the City Council runoff race.   I'm reporting my additional numbers here because I want you to have an accurate view... Read More
Piggy Bank image A Few Words on Campaign Finance
(12/01/17) All candidates for elected office in Iowa electronically file campaign finance disclosures (called DR-2’s) to the state on the Thursday before an election.  Media outlets typically... Read More
gavel image Let's Talk About Good Governance
(11/29/17) The City Council's most important function is to provide critical and effective oversight of the city. Not to micromanage city operations, but to ensure those operations... Read More
Presstek 75DI Tours, Ridealongs & Job Shadowing!
(11/28/17) I love learning how things work, and appreciate all the behind-the-scenes efforts that make the 'everyday' happen.  I'll take any opportunity for a tour!  Strategic Imaging... Read More
North Cedar Aerial View from Google Maps Q&A: North Cedar Neighborhood
(11/25/17) Q. Being from the North Cedar neighborhood, I'm curious as to what impact you see from sectioning Cedar Falls in neighborhoods as having. I'm a fan of the idea, but I'm concerned for North... Read More
Strategic Plan Database How Strategic Planning Informs My Decisions
(11/20/17) I’d like to give you a sense for where my mind’s at in terms of strategic planning (and thinking) here in Cedar Falls.  I hope you’ll indulge me by reading the whole post, but I... Read More
Compass Image from freedesignfile.com Elect Leaders With Integrity
(11/04/17) In every election, I'm looking for candidates who've demonstrated strong integrity and character....even if their positions on the issues don't quite line up with my own. Last week, Cedar... Read More
tornado image A Special Focus on Emergency Management
(11/03/17) "One of the most vital, yet often overlooked roles is the responsibility held by local officials for emergency management.  Ensuring that a community or county is ready for both... Read More
Cedar Falls City Hall I'm Sometimes Asked....
(10/18/17) I've been out doorknocking since May; sometimes I'm asked, “Are you a Democrat or a Republican?”.  The question itself concerns me, because it goes against our non-partisan... Read More
fireworks My Position on Fireworks
(10/16/17) I'm not a consumer fireworks user...never have been, and I won't let my kids use them.   I've seen what happens to fingers when people aren't careful.  For me, fireworks... Read More


One of Rob’s greatest traits is his ability to look at a situation or problem from a unique perspective. Rob has embraced his adopted home of Cedar Falls in many ways; he has spearheaded the use of online apps to better connect neighborhoods, has regularly attended and participated in city council meetings, and in 2016 he lead an impressive volunteer flood relief effort organizing people and supplies and applying his creative perspective in overcoming logistical issues. For these reasons and others I am working with Rob on this new exciting venture! 

~ Jeff Dow